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Albums du jour: HERMAN DÜNE – Mas cambios + Mash Concrete Metal Mushroom

Monday, October 20th, 2003

1. HERMAN DÜNE: My friends kill my folks
2. HERMAN DÜNE: Red blue eyes
3. BEN’S SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA: Bring me back to my country
5. LADY & BIRD: Walk real slow
6. KEREN ANN: Sailor and widow
7. HERMAN DÜNE: Metal mash
8. ALFIE: People
9. THE SEA and CAKE: Left side
10. JOE HENRY: Lighthouse
11. ANJA GARBAREK: Stay tuned
12. TWO DOLLAR GUITAR: Green room
13. WHEAT: Slow fade
14. ST THOMAS: Like a big time
15. HERMAN DÜNE: Sunny sunny cold cold day
16. THE LADYBUG TRANSISTOR: The places you call home
17. MOJAVE 3: Tinkers blues
18. ELBOW: Switching off
19. BANG GANG: Follow
20. ROBERT WYATT: Forest
21. HERMAN DÜNE: With a fistful of faith

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Rediffusion du 23 septembre 2003

Monday, October 6th, 2003